Solid plastic pots and related products

Our philosophy: a good product goes without saying. We invest 45 years of experience, knowledge, expertise and passion in our products and we stand behind our products for 100 %.
We actually have only one goal: to help you as a customer to optimize your production process.


Domestic delivery-services and return of goods.

We guarantee delivery from the factory, but if desired we can deliver your order through our own transport throughout the Netherlands. Of course we also process and transport your returns. Because we manage our transport ourselves, our delivery works quickly, easily and efficiently, both for you and for us.


Complete recycling van alle materialen.

We proudly re-use raw materials. That is good for us and for the world around us: we work extremely efficiently. We have been making new quality products from recycled plastic since the 1970s. The waste that our production produces is simply re-used from the start. This also applies to the flowerpots, trays, foils, cardboard and other materials used by you. Ask for our conditions.

For more information: Recycling

Tool shop

Non-stop continuity through own machine management.

We have the entire production process under our own management. We invest in maintenance, overhaul and innovation of our machines and production lines. We therefore work completely independent and we can switch quickly in case of problems. The result: we guarantee that our products always have the same high quality. Due to our well-equipped tool manufacturing, we are also able to develop, produce or revise parts for third parties.

Special products

Coloured and / or printed pots

To make your products stand out more, we can make your pots in a different colour and we can also have your pots printed. For these special pots we have partners who can switch as fast as we do. So we can deliver specials at the same speed as our normal products.


Development of new products and ideas.

We are happy to implement new plastic ideas for and with you, as well as inside as outside of the horticulture. We have all the knowledge and technology to realize a good end product with high quality.