KUMA flowerpots has more than 45 years of experience in recycling

KUMA is a family business that specializes in the injection molding of plastic flowerpots in all conceivable types, sizes and variants. The constant quality is characteristic of KUMA’s products.

Our experience

We have always consciously opted for processing and re-using plastics that are extracted from waste, surplus packaging and materials. The plastic waste in the world keeps on growing and that is an inexhaustible raw material for us. That is why we realized that we could produce our products from these waste streams through a good organization and a smart process. From the beginning of our company, we have opted for the processing of these plastic waste streams. We have beenworking on environmentally-conscious production for over 45 years!

Careful selection

The plastics required by us are purchased by us from various carefully selected suppliers at home and abroad. The raw materials are sorted by type. We therefore know the origin of our raw materials. This allows us to use the right materials from these waste in our new products.

Processing and production

We have knowledge of processing various types of plastics. Our processing process is characterized by the use of mainly PP waste (Polypropylene). If necessary, we can grind the waste collected by ourselves and process it into a perfect raw material. Through our modern production lines, we are therefore able to produce quality products from this plastic waste.


From the start in the seventies, we know how to optimize the reuse of raw materials, minimize energy consumption and limit CO₂ emissions in an economically responsible manner. Sustainable entrepreneurship is in our DNA.

Sustainable chain and CO₂ reduction

We must continue to work on finding the right solution for the depletion of natural resources. Recycling is then a natural choice, where we add value to the plastic waste stream in our own way and reuse natural resources. We prefer to do this together within a circular process with various partners. Similarly, all our packaging materials that we purchase and use are also produced from recycled material. Think of the cardboard of our boxes, the covers, wrapping foil or the pallets.

Our ideal is to eventually set up a sustainable chain, in which we grind all our own products and re-process them into new products in our injection molding process. Your own circular process. This way we collect our used pots, pallets and boxes ourselves from the grower. Our products do not end up on the mountain of waste and we process it into new products. We manage and thereby prevent unwanted waste and residual flows from our customers.

Energy saving

And in addition to our choice for recycling plastics, we do as much as possible to achieve energy savings. Our production areas and offices are heated by the residual heat from our machines. We also think about the transport of our products. We can achieve substantial energy savings through smart logistics. Corporate social responsibility – and sustainable business pratice is one of the basic rules for us. We thereby prevent the exhaustive use of natural resources and thus limit CO₂ emissions.